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The Team finished 33rd out of 106 teams this year at competition!

2012 Baja Car

Baja Competition

Baja Team Completes Competition with Best Finish Ever!

Competing with teams from over 100 engineering colleges and universities across the country and internationally, the VWCC Motorsports Team of 7 engineering and mechatronics students emerged #33 overall winning bragging rights considering the high profile institutions represented at the 2012 SAE Baja Competition. Virginia Western beat out the likes of Michigan State, Clemson, University of Virginia, Purdue, University of Ohio along with 69 other four year colleges and universities.

The event included competitions in Acceleration, Maneuverability, Mud Bog, Sled Pull, Suspension & Traction and a 4-hour Endurance Race. Many records were broken and history made, setting the bar high for future Baja Teams. We could not be more proud of the VWCC Motorsports Team and their accomplishments.

VWCC 2011-2012 Baja SAE® Madison, Wisconsin